Privacy Preserving Payments on Ethereum

StealthSwap is a protocol that implements shielded payments on Ethereum, giving users the possibility to send and receive Ether or ERC-20 tokens without sacrificing their privacy and anonymity.

Send and Receive Shielded Payments, Build Privacy Preserving dApps with almost zero overhead.

Leveraging Elliptic Curve Cryptography, the OWL token and ENS domains, users can send and receive payments with no traceability.

Gas Friendly

By building on the Gas Station Network you enjoy minimal gas fees.


There are no admin keys or centralized entities, all funds are owned by your keys.

ERC20 Compatible

You can send and receive Ether, or any ERC20 compatible token, the process is the same.

Composable with the Ethereum and DeFi ecosystems

Using our open-source Javascript-SDK you can integrate the StealthSwap protocol directly in your dApp.

Powered By The OWL Token

Participate in protocol security and privacy.

Stake OWL on different platforms and earn rewards.

Get your word in the governance process by voting for new protocol upgrades and integrations.